BHIM Refer Earn Offer – PM Launched BHIM Cashback & Referral Bonus Scheme | Aadhar Pay App

BHIM Refer Earn Offer – PM Launched BHIM Cashback & Referral Bonus Scheme | BHIM Aadhar Pay App. Today 14th April 2017, 126th Birth Aniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, PM Narendra Modi launched two new schemes. First Refer & Earn for individual users & Second is exciting Cashback for merchant to encourage them. If you add a person to BHIM app, after three transactions by the person, Rs 10 will be added to your account, the scheme will continue till October 14. PM Modi said, By using BHIM Refer & Earn Scheme anyone can earn from 10-15 thousand. Read full Post Carefully….!!!

What is BHIM Refer & Earn Scheme ?

In this scheme, You will have to introduce BHIM App, its features, how to use this App to New User (Individual or Merchant), which did’nt install or register BHIM App yet. If a Unique user download BHIM App by using your Referral Link ( or referral code) & make there 3 transactions using BHIM App. You will get flat 10 Rs, Government credit 10 Rs to your Bank Account. PM Modi said, If you joined minimum 20 new user/day, Each day you will Earn 200 Rs.

Merchant Benefits >>

If Merchant use BHIM App & accept payment through BHIM. After crossing minimum transaction limit he will get 25 Rs Cashback. There is more cashback scheme for merchants who will get a cash back for transaction using the BHIM app. The government has planned to spend Rs 495 crore for both schemes over a period of six months.

PM Modi Launched BHIM AADHAR Pay App Today >>

Aadhar Pay App is made only for merchant, its an Aadhar Enable Payment System. One would be able to make payment transaction without having a mobile phone/internet connection/debit/credit card. Users has to link Aadhar Number or register Mobile Number with Bank Account.

How to Use ?

Merchant download or install Aadhar Pay App from Play Store (Its Free). Merchant has to register an account using Number/Bank Account/Aadhar/Fingerprint. Merchant has need to connect their smartphones to the biometric scan machine to accept the payments from there customers.

Customer has to provide Aadhar Number or there may be customer has to choose Bank Account (in case of 2 or more account) from which user wants to pay. For making payment via Aadhar Pay App, there is no need to provide any card details.

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